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О некоторых особенностях жизни среди народов мира хорошо, всё таки, знать заранее…

If you stay in good hotels you may be able to avoid catching diarrhea, otherwise you will surely contract it. Just don't worry too much about it.

Outside of obviously well-set up restaurants and hotels in cities and towns, restrooms are often quite primitive and sometimes really dirty. It's a good idea to bring your own paper with you, as local toilet paper may be too rough as well as being one ply. It is usual not to throw the used toilet paper into the toilet, but in baskets besides. This is because pipes tend to plug up. If there is no basket, it is not unusual to throw the paper on the ground. Restroom doors are marked with "baño", "S.H." or "SS.HH." The latter two are abbreviations for Servicio Higienico, which is the rather formal expression.

Тиф тоже, нафиг… Командарм Котовский от тифа помер, хоть и был лысый. Прививка начинает как-то защищать через месяц после вкалывания и поздно проверять износилась ли та, что поставлена шесть лет назад.

Самая интересная игра на планете, оказывается, уже написана. Вот она.


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