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Hello and good afternoon,

FRS (Fun Recreational Section) of FRS (Front Range Solutions) would like to invite you to a day of fun and relaxation on May 12th (Friday). This will be a mandatory day of attending a wonderful lunch at Fuddruckers and then going straight to the Regal Movie Theater to watch ‘Mission Impossible III’. Should you decide not to attend, you will be declared M.I.A (missing in-corporate action). So just go!
This event has been granted approval by FRS Management and this email will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1… BOOM!!!

On a serious note, this is a mandatory company event. If you choose not to attend this event, or not attend the movie, you will be expected to treat the afternoon as a normal working day and attend to your normal working responsibilities.

G. S. will be sending out a RSVP sheet for all you to respond on whether you will be attending or not. In addition a menu will be attached for those who are attending to choose their meals.

Hope all of you can make it!


Лучше бы, наличными отдали. Сплотители.
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