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Why do we have pubic hair?

This is the great conversation starter; if you're sitting on a plane or in line at the DMV… And it's not only the why, it's the where. Why there? Why have human beings been left with tufts of hair surrounding our genitals and in our armpits?

This isn't a place for a debate about evolution versus intelligent design, but pubic hair might seem to indicate Creator witha very frat boy sense of humor.

The most convincing hypothesis is that pubic hair — like axillary (armpit) hair — traps pheromones, those erotic scents that play such an important and facsinating role in human sexual communication. Those pheromones are produced when the apocrine sweat glands release a viscous and odorless secretion on the skin surface that, when broken down by bacteria, resulta in a characteristic sexual scent. Pubix hair and underarm hair are a human being's primary "scent traps". Mammalian pheromones influence the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), a hormone that has short- and long-term effects on neurotransmittion. Studies have shown that human pheromones have a significant effect on the attractiveness of one sex to the other.

Запах, в общем, жутко важен в межполовом общении (mating) млекопитающих. При наличии всевозможных деодорантов, одеколонов, гигиенических протирок и бразильсеких вакс, наличие среди людей хоть какой-то межполовой заинтересованности — великое чудо. Даже, можно сказать, таинство.

If you accost random people on the street and ask them why they have pubic hair, one of three things will happen: 1. They'll call a cop. 2. They shrug and guess: "To keep my, uh, private parts warm?" 3. They stiffen their posture, look you directly in the eye, and assert: "To protect my genitalia."

As for protection, even so eminent evolutionary biologist as Mel Brooks has mused upon why genitals—given their importance and sensitivity—are not encased in a small skull.


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