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06:20 pm: Освежительное
Мне совершенно не о чем поведать миру. Миру совершенно безразлично всё, о чём я могу ему поведать. Безбрежность гармонии столь ошеломляющей взаимности поглощает сушность бытия существом. Переквалификация в вещество стоит больших денег, которых у меня нет.

For years, I'd been vaguely aware of Michael Bolton's existence, just as I'd been vaguely aware that there was an ebola virus plague in Africa. Horrible tragedies, yes, but they had nothing to do with me. All that changed when I purchased a copy of The Classics. When you work up the grumption to put a record like The Classics on your CD player, it's not much different from deliberately inoculating yourself with rabies. With this heart-on-my-sleeve appeals to every emotion no decent human being should even dream of possessing, Michael Bolton is the only person in history who has figured out a way to make "Yesterday" sound worse than the original. He's Mandy Patinkin squared.

Joe Queenan


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Date:October 4th, 2006 07:15 pm (UTC)
По версии газеты "Курьер," Майкл Болтон является одним из ярчайших представителей русской культуры.
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