Badula (badula) wrote,


Originality is not essential to effective swearing. Nor is a wide vocabulary is necessary. However,as you develop your skills, you'll learn subtleties.

Novice: “Hey, asshole, get out of here!”

Master: “Hey, ass eyes, get out of here!”

To show scorn for someone by calling him an asshole is perfectly acceptable. It delivers the message that you hold the person in low esteem.

But how much more elegant to call him ass eyes. You deliver the same message, but with an enchantment — you paint a vivid picture.

В общем, беда у меня. Прыщ. Прыщ невыявленной природы. На самом социальном органе — на морде. На правой половине, чуть выше ротового отверстия. Поубивал бы всех за прыщи ответственных.

Все остальные новости дня носят или глубоко-личный, или совсем коммерческий характер.

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