Badula (badula) wrote,

People say, if you look at The Moon for too long in a telescope, that you can go mad. I think that is quite true, because you know Patrick Moore? He's been looking at me for years and years. And yesterday, I saw him do a shit on a salad.

  • Подводное.

    Долой политику. Долой мракобесие. Даёшь дурь!

  • Международное

    The French are generally considered (by English-speaking people) to be the masters and mistresses of oral sex. That mastery, along with their…

  • Состоятельность

    Давно уже, конечно, практическая генетика достигла больших высот. Это такой постулат. Пшеницы разные сорта с медузами человечество научилось…

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