Badula (badula) wrote,

Забайкалье попросило присоединить его к Дальнему Востоку

Folks! We're incredibly excited to be releasing our sixth full-length album and Bloodshot Records debut Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon on September 25th, 2012.

Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon Tracklisting

  1. My Hill
  2. Lost River
  3. Straight at the Sun
  4. No Oath, No Spell
  5. I Came Around
  6. Hard World
  7. Ditch Lilly
  8. The Curse of Elkhart
  9. Ramblin’
  10. Queen Mab (Instrumental)
  11. Go to the Light
  12. Oh To Be An Animal
  13. Ghost Fields

Also, July is the 10th anniversary of the release of our first album "Like the Exorcist, But More Breakdancing". To honor that, and to please you, we will be performing several songs from that album (some of which we have not played in years!). Here's the list of songs we are adding to play on this tour. Those Who Left/Those Who Stayed, A Caucus Race, Intergalactic Menopause, Killbot 2000, That Crown Don't Make You A Prince, & The Devil Drives.

А у нас вот микроскопъ грубой работы.

Listen, I took a chance. We asked the Moon, I didn't know he was an alabaster retard, did I?!


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