July 25th, 2006



Просвещаться чужим языком не поздно ни в каком возрасте, как бы то ни было. Учебники несут знание.


There is no need to give non-English names to our body parts. Avoid them. Such words often cloud rather than clarify the issue.

For example, the Latin word vagina is sometimes used instead of cunt. This is unfortunate. Vagina is easily confused with Virginia - particulary when abbreviated.

On the eastern seaboard of America, "the Commonwealth of Va." is a state; on the West Coast it's a two-block area of Sunset Boulevard.

The two parts that sufer most from this confusion are the uvula and sternum. Neither are sexual organs, yet the unwary often treat them as such. The results can be both unpleasant and dangerous.

There are exceptions. For certain sexual acts - such as coginus and fensturbation - there are no English equivalents. They should be used only in the original Latin, usually in whispers.


Camille:Doctor Benway, is coginus painful?
Benway:Yes, if it is done right.


Wilma:What's your pet peeve, Bruce?
Bruce:I hate those Liberals who are always saying fensturbation is normal and natural - until you do it in front of them.

А может кто-нибудь объяснить что же такое этот fensturbation?