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The Loch Ness Monster does exist; but he is not a monster of flesh and blood, rather the monster of bigotry and intolerance dwelling inside the human heart, which for some reason is then externalized as an imaginary Scottish plesiosaur.

On the other hand, El Chupacabra is real; he is a monstrous goatlike creature who poses an actual threat to Mexicans, and an even bigger one to Americans;

For soon he plans to cross the border, where he will take away jobs from hardworking American mythical creatures like the Jersey Devil and Mothman.

Atlantis was a real city on the Aegian island of Santorini that was destroyed by a massive volcano 3600 years ago.

It is lost forever; but I must tell thee that even were it not, it would not be worth finding; for Atlantis was a Bronze Age backwater whose imbecilic citizenry passed its time burping, farting and raping sheep. Their demise was a boon for civilization, but it is with cities as it is with people: dying young and mysteriously can turn any idiot into a legend.

Yea, it was the only half-intelligent thing Jim Morrison ever did in his life.

Area 51 is a regular U.S. military base; and though classified operations do occur there, they have nothing to do with aliens, UFOs, time travel, or anything out of the ordinary.

Those ops all happen in Area 63.

And finally, Stonehenge.

I have no idea what the hell Stonehenge is.


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