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how'd you like to run away from these machines?

Dear Pavel:

Thank you for your order. The хрбтч is in stock and can ship ASAP. Please let me know if you want the хрбтч to ship now and if you want to keep the socks on back order. Currently we are sold out of the Coconut socks. We are in the final stages of the development of the new G3 (Generation 3) Coconut Socks. These socks will be more superior and advanced than the current socks.

Production on the new G3 socks will be started next week. Delivery to us is expected to be in fours weeks.

We will place your order on back order to process and ship once in. We do not charge for back orders until they ship.

Let us know how we can be of any further assistance. Ride Safe!

Customer Care Manager

Хлопок, шерсть, переработанные кокакольные бутылки, полиэстер, бамбук… Хлам вчерашнего дня. Выкиньте. Кокос становится основой сухости комфорта образованных профессионалов.

and the punch lines point at you
and all the comebacks in the world
are in your head
but you can't say them until
everybody leaves
and it's just you and your
imaginary friends…


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    Моральный компас забарахлил. Предприятие в очередной раз сменило продавца книг собственного издательства. Книги собственного издательства продаются…

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    Русские люди, братья, сёстры, умы, к вам обращаюсь я с мольбою о помощи на кою надеюсь и уповаю! Мы построили программу для вас и для всех кому она…

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